“I relaxed when I got here with help at hand. I only need to press a buzzer.”

“Activities are on the newsletter. The girls ask in the morning if you want to do the activities and if you want to, you put your hand up… I like the bus trips to Kurnell as it is old familiar territory around Cronulla. You can do a lot of activities here. We play bingo, they have bus trips for shopping.”

“I could look after myself at home but I couldn’t do it all… St Basil’s appealed for its simplicity of space, the light and the ambience of the facility… More than one person said ‘This is your home’, I liked that because they live it, that is the difference. They make people believe that they are not in a nursing home or an ‘institution’.”

“I’ve been at St Basil’s for 4 years, it’s been like a home away from home. Thank you to all the beautiful staff for their love and care always.”

“I feel like I’m living in a hotel. The accommodation is so clean and tidy, the staff are always caring to my needs. Thank you to everyone here at St Basil’s for being there for me.”

“Not having to wash up and do shopping anymore is good… being here has taken the stress off the spine and this will help me avoid an operation, which I couldn’t do at my age. I go for a walk over to Coles and up to the RSL to meet people. I enjoy spending time in my room. I like to read and listen to classical music. Bus trips are good and having lunch out. You might not want to buy anything but trips get you out. I think they are essential. It is lovely and I enjoy it.”

“I used to have a small garden but I am in the ideal surrounds here, to have a garden and not have to do the work. I have a view of the green and space which is like a country view, yet we are in Sydney. Variety of the food is quite good and I like the bbqs… I’m never hungry between meals. We have morning and afternoon tea here. Most times someone is around to make a coffee for you or I get a small glass of milk rather than a coffee.”