“We are fortunate that grandma was able to spend her last moments with the awesome team at St Basil’s Miranda.”

A special message of gratitude from the granddaughter of the late Ms Zeng:

Dear St Basil’s Team,

Hope you are well. On behalf of Huiling Zeng’s family, I would like to thank everyone at the St Basil’s Team who have made my grandma’s last few years a wonderful time.

The team at Miranda has always gone above and beyond, whether it is providing my grandma the best care possible, or giving our family support. Our family has always been able to rely on the team for advice, and they have been incredibly receptive to our requests, at times often thinking ahead of us.

We really appreciate the support, patience and love given to us by the St Basil’s family. Cecily, May and all the staff at St Basil’s have been incredible, and we couldn’t have asked for better carers.

We are very fortunate that Huiling was able to spend her last moments with us and the awesome team/friends at St Basil’s.


Annie Su

(June 2022)