These are a few of my favourite things: Michael


Michael lives at St Basil’s Kensington and shares with us his favourite things to do.

“My favourite activity on the Leisure and Lifestyle Program is Happy Hour which is hosted every Friday afternoon in the resident’s lounge.”

“I enjoy having a drink and some snacks while chatting, in particular with my friend and fellow resident Brian.”


There are also other regular activities that Michael enjoys.

“I really like going on the bus outings, especially to Centennial Park. That’s a lovely place for a bus trip.”


Michael’s other interests are nurtured as well.

“I used to be a cab driver, so having a chat, meeting people and socialising is what I’m used to which is why the Men’s Club social group here that’s held in the Courtyard is an event that I also like to attend.”

“As a young fella I used to enjoy going to the movies and dances too.”

“I grew up in the Newtown area and followed the Rugby League. I’m a supporter of the South Sydney Rabbitoh’s team.”


St Basil’s Kensington provides a Leisure and Lifestyle Program that gives residents several choices of activities and events in which to participate each day, as well as nurturing residents’ interests and passions.

(March 2023)