These are a few of my favourite things: Melpomene


Melpomene, who has reached the impressive milestone age of 90, moved in to her new home at St Basil’s Kogarah in early 2023 and hasn’t looked back.


“I’m very happy here, very happy with the Greek food and happy with the staff,” explains Melpomene whose biggest hobby in her life to date is cooking.


“I used to make spinach pie regularly and share it with my neighbours. Now I share my recipes here with staff and other residents for our group cooking workshops.”


Melpomene professes that she likes to keep busy by participating in the home’s leisure and lifestyle activities – a program that provides several choices for residents every day. She can’t pick a favourite – her favourite activities are all of them!



“Spiritual discussion on Mondays, painting workshop on Tuesdays, musical entertainment on Wednesday afternoons, and so on.”


“I know the schedule by heart and don’t want to miss any of it.”


Melpomene explains that when she arrived at St Basil’s Kogarah she was wheelchair bound but has rehabilitated to walking with a frame thanks to her tenacity and the support of our team of physiotherapists.


She now enjoys going for a walk with her two sons when they come to visit her each day.


“I exercise in the mornings and it makes me feel great. I try hard for myself, I want to give myself the best chance I can.”


“I feel that I was a good mother, so my boys are good to me,” adds Melpomene.


“She never says no to new things, she is always determined to try,” shares Aditi Gautam, Leisure and Lifestyle Officer at St Basil’s Kogarah .


“She’s truly an inspiration.”


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(May 2023)