These are a few of my favourite things: Irene

Irene is 98 years young and has lived at St Basil’s Randwick for over 3 years.

Irene’s tell us about her favourite thing to do.

“I love music and joining in the singing activities here. I love listening to the male singing voices in particular.”

“I’ve had music around me a lot throughout my life. My brother plays the violin and his daughter plays the piano.”

There are other regular activities that Irene enjoys.

“Painting is something that I love to do. I join in the group painting sessions but I also paint natural sceneries as a hobby. Trivia and the Coffee Club are fun too.”

Irene’s favourite new activity is…
“The new Anglican group and service is a wonderful addition to the calendar of activities at St Basil’s Randwick.”


(February 2023)