“I can’t imagine leaving this home because I love it too much,” Angeliki, resident at St Basil’s Randwick

Angeliki is a wonderful member of the residents’ community of over three years, and says that she can’t imagine ever leaving this home because she loves it too much!


Known for always having a smile on her face Angeliki is well liked and has many friends around the home, she especially enjoys walking and socialising with her friends Bessie and Maria.


“I like to sing along with the musical entertainers who come to the home. My brother was a musician who played the accordion so I am very fond of live music,” explains Angeliki.


“I have three children who come to see and call me often; two daughters and one son. I also have five grandchildren.”


“I used to cook a lot, now others cook for me – and I love eating everything. I would cook Dolmathakia and Pastitsio, they were the favourites among my grandchildren.”