Tears of joy as residents of St Basil’s are reunited with family and friends

18 Oct, 2021

After months of not being able to see each other in person, we’re grateful to have welcomed back the family and friends of our residents into our homes to reconnect last week.

Hundreds of friends and family members were reunited, many of whom were brought to tears from the love and joy they felt seeing their loved ones again after such a long time.

“Having visitors return to our homes after about 106 days is so special so we’ve presented many of them with a gift to welcome them back,” explains Spiro Stavis, CEO of St Basil’s NSW/CT.

“With COVID restrictions preventing visitors to our homes, having the St Basil’s community back in means so much to our residents, and we too have missed them dearly.”

“Last week many of the visitors this week have personally expressed their gratitude for how well we’ve managed our homes in the COVID environment, and that they’ve had a great deal of confidence in the care of their love ones provided by St Basil’s staff along the way,” adds Mr Stavis.

The six (6) St Basil’s Homes across Sydney celebrated the return of visitors to aged care with balloons, gifts and BBQ lunches.

With COVID-19 still prevalent out in the community, it remains critical that we maintain vigilance in our infection control prevention best-practices for the safety of our residents.

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