St Basil’s is #ProudtoProtect older Australians

20 Sep, 2021

St Basil’s Aged Care NSW/ACT has worked together with staff to protect the older Australians in our care.  Part of this protection has been ensuring and enabling our staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Keeping our residents and those who care for them safe in the global pandemic is a top priority,” said Spiro Stavis, CEO of St Basil’s Aged Care NSW/ACT.

“We’re proud that our staff have had a COVID-19 vaccine prior to the introduction of mandatory vaccination that’s in place now.”

“We are proud to protect ourselves, our workforce, our residents/care recipients and the broader community by ensuring all staff and residents have had access to vaccines.

“Our passionate staff continue to provide a helping hand, as we work to protect each other and those in our care.”

All staff working in St Basils’ homes as well as providing in-home care who can have the vaccine are vaccinated.

“All of our staff working and 90% of our residents are vaccinated for COVID-19.”

“Our homes and community workers are celebrating vaccination success, as a way of encouraging others to get vaccinated and to improve protection of staff and residents.”

“We have also worked with our management team to support their discussions with staff, answering their questions and discussing issues related to the mandating of vaccination,” adds Mr Stavis.

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