Out and About

7 Aug, 2019

Everyone loves to go out of the house. Even the family dog will wag his tail when its time to go on an excursion.

Why do we like it?

We love to see new and different things. We enjoy the sensory experiences, the sites, sounds, smells, textures and tastes on offer when we go on excursion. The sun on our face. The sand in between our toes. The fluffy milk froth on the cappuccino. The wind whistling in the trees. The hubbub of the shopping centre. The thrill of the cinema. The spectacle of the fireworks.

At St. Basil’s our fleet of buses work all daylight hours and sometimes at night to get our residents out and about. They love it. We love it.

Sometimes if its raining, we just go for a ride in the bus, look at the beach, enjoy some hot chips in the bus and come home. Other times, we plan for weeks to get our residents to the light show or to the fireworks. We take a picnic basket, hot drinks, blankets and chairs. We do trips to wineries and pick grapes. We do good old-fashioned shopping every week. We go and dip our feet at the beach or dress up for a trip to the frosty mountains. In winter it could be hot chocolate in a park, in summer, ice-cream at the beach.

Regardless of when you were born, everyone loves to get out and do different things. At St. Basil’s we love to fulfil this human need with as many excursions as possible.