Nominate a St Basil’s star for a Consumer Choice Employee of the Year award

19 Oct, 2023

Nominate a St Basil’s employee for an award!

St Basil’s consumers and/or their representatives have the opportunity to nominate a St Basil’s team member in the 2023 St Basil’s Awards Program as employee of the year.

We’d love your support in identifying and recognising a few St Basil’s employees from each of our residential aged care homes who have been making a positive impact on you or your loved-one, so we’re asking for nominations under the category of:

Consumer Choice Employee of the Year

Nominations by consumers or their representatives can be made here

You can also nominate by asking for a nomination form at the front desk. 

We hope you take part in our 2023 Awards program!

Each consumer or representatives can nominate a few employees, nominations are not limited to one employee. Nominations close at 6pm on 31st October 2023.