A passion for art: Bill Brewer’s passion for painting transcends through his stunning artwork

8 Nov, 2022

Upon starting her tenure as General Manager of St Basil’s Randwick in recent months, Maria Vidyaeva formed a connection with all residents around the home in particular long-time resident Bill Brewer.

“Bill and I have already made a lovely connection based around his beautiful artwork, so much so that he has kindly gifted me with one of his paintings of men fishing on a very tall cliff,” explains Maria.

“It’s a simply stunning work of art and it’s such an honour to receive this painting from Bill.”

Bill resides on Level 4 at the pinnacle of the home where on most days the sunshine generously beams into his room.

“I have learnt that Bill is an enthusiastic painter who is self taught and uses several types of paints, brushes and techniques.”

“He has a wonderful painting on display at the entrance of his room (pictured below) that looks so realistic that it looks like it’s a photo.

“You can see Bill’s authenticity through his artwork.”

Bill explains that he takes a lot of inspiration from his extensive walks around Randwick and its surrounds.

“I like taking in the scenery from around the area as inspiration for my paintings, but I also like painting photos that I see in magazines, especially if they have an interesting backstory,” says Bill.

“I also finds it interesting watching people go about their daily lives while I’m out. I love being around people.”

Bill enjoys a lovely balcony with views of East Sydney, and on most days he has friendly birds who visit his balcony.

With Bill recounting why and how he painted each of the artworks in his room, it’s safe to say that Bill’s main hobby and passion is painting.