Art for Orphans

7 Jun, 2019

Every week at St. Basil’s, in each facility, we enjoy art therapy. This is a very popular activity that stimulates the mind, improves fine motor skills, develops socialisation, boost one’s sense of creativity and results in works of art that can be treasured or gifted to someone.

The artworks produced by our consumers are awe-inspiring. Some of them are large works, full of colour and life. Other pieces are small water colours which are subtle and precious.

Our consumers have had an inspirational thought. They want to auction their paintings to raise funds for the children of St. Tabitha Orphanage in Fiji.

We warmly invite you to attend the “Art for Orphans” exhibition and auction at 6pm on 17 October at St. Basil’s Randwick, 57-63 St. Pauls Street Randwick.

Come and see these wonderful works by older people who are so proud to share them with you. If you buy these works, you will be helping build a life for the orphans of St. Tabitha Fiji and you will be helping our elderly people know that they can still make valuable contributions to the community.