A message from James Jordan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, St Basil’s NSW/ACT

19 Apr, 2023

Dear Residents, Representatives, Clients, Families and Trade Partners,

We are reaching out to you in light of a recent announcement by Wesley Mission about the closure of its aged care facilities which, understandably, may create some concerns about St Basil’s and other aged care facilities.

Whilst the aged care industry continues to undergo vital transformation following the Royal Commission into Aged Care, the Board and Management of St Basil’s have no intention of closing any of our aged care homes. Preparatory work is well under way by St Basil’s to implement the most recent aged care reforms (by July 2023) to deliver the increased level of care that is expected.

Based on our operating capabilities, St Basil’s contacted Wesley Mission immediately once we heard the news, and offered to assist them relocating some of their residents to our nursing homes and informed them of vacant roles that may be of interest to their employees.

St Basil’s homes are all accredited by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. We will apply for re-accreditation for each of the homes when it is due, as we have done several times since the homes opened. This is the normal process for all aged care facilities.

At St Basil’s we remain confident about our operations and our people’s abilities to care and support our residents now and in the future.

Yours sincerely,

James Jordan

Chairman of the Board of Directors, St Basil’s NSW/ACT