Increase in COVID-19 cases in NSW & changes to visitor requirements

21 Νοέ, 2022

Dear Residents, Families and Representatives,

The Government’s Public Health Unit has informed us that there is an increase in COVID-19 cases in the community and we have now entered into another wave of COVID-19.

We ask that you do not visit a St Basil’s Homes if you have:
•tested positive for COVID-19. You should not enter an aged care facility for at least 7 daysafter testing positive.
•have been in close contact/live with someone who has COVID-19. Please follow the advice inthe Advice for people exposed to COVID-19 fact sheet as you should not visit an RACF for atleast 7 days.
•any COVID-19 symptoms or are waiting for a COVID-19 test result.

For best-practice infection prevention and control measures we request that you comply with:
•Mask wearing – an N95 mask will be provided to you

•RAT testing at the site prior to visit

•Screening yourself prior to entry for any COVID-19 symptoms

•Having your temperature checked prior to entry

•Hand Hygiene

•Social distancing

St Basil’s strongly encourages visitors to be vaccinated.

We recommend for your visits to be held in well ventilated areas. We request that you do not hold visits in indoor common areas such as lounge rooms where there usually are other residents. Ensure you do not pull your mask down whilst in the facility or while next to your loved one to keep your loved one safe.

The latest video announcement from Kerry Chant (Chief Health Officer) with a COVID-19 update is available here for you to watch: Social- COVID-19 Update 03112022 Captions_2 (

Vaccination continues to be a vital part in managing the risk related to COVID-19. We encourage you to get vaccinated if you are eligible for another booster/dose. Second booster doses are now accessible to people aged 30 years and over.

Can I visit if I’m unvaccinated? We know that receiving visitors is essential for residents’ wellbeing and helps to reduce the impacts of social isolation on mental health so we will be providing the opportunity for residents to safely receive visitors. People who are unvaccinated and wish to visit a resident can do so however they must wear a mask and face shield and be guided by staff upon their entry.

We thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please do connect with your General Manager or contact head office on 02 9784 3200 or

Με εκτίμηση,
Spiro Stavis Chief Executive Officer

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