Star employee profile: Alexandra Metheniti

As the winner of the St Basil’s NSW/ACT Inspirational Leadership Award, Alexandra Metheniti says that making the nursing environment feel more like home is one of her biggest motivators.

One might easily assume that in a residential aged care environment, carers and nursing staff are the people that have the biggest impact on the residents’ experience and how ‘at home’ they feel at a facility. However, it turns out that people working in the ‘background’, such as administrative staff, can also have a huge impact. That’s the case for Alexandra Metheniti, employee at St Basil’s Lakemba and winner of the Inspirational Leadership Award in the inaugural St Basil’s NSW/ACT Awards Program 2021.

In addition to her professional skills as an administrator, Alexandra has a nursing background, and is Greek, which she says has made it easy for her to build rapport with St Basil’s consumers, many of whom are of Greek background.

“I understand their needs and concerns and I am always there for them if they need someone to talk to,” she says. “At the end of the day, we must try to make the nursing environment feel more like home, because there is nothing better than seeing our consumers truly happy.”

The Awards Program, which encompasses three categories with 11 different awards, recognises excellence in St Basil’s people, and honours the life-changing work being done at St Basil’s. The Inspirational Leadership Award, won by Alexandra, aims to identify, recognise and celebrate a St Basil’s staff member who is an inspiring people leader.

It’s the qualities of a great leader: being approachable, empathetic, inspiring, a great communicator and civic-minded, that Alexandra embodies – and demonstrates every day in her role at St Basil’s.

“My job as an admin is to make sure that the transition of the consumer from his or her home into the nursing home is as easy as it can be,” she says. “Providing emotional support and reassurance to the consumers’ families that everything will be alright is very important too, as it can be a stressful situation for them as well.”

According to Alexandra, St Basil’s is a supportive and progressive environment to work in, which in turn helps her shine in her role.

“I like that it’s a place where employees at every level have good communication with each other, and it’s also a work environment where professional growth is encouraged at every level.”

As for what she enjoys most about her position, she describes the family atmosphere among her workmates, and the ability to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

“Working in aged care is not easy, but it gives you the opportunity to meet a wide variety of older people and make a tremendous difference in their quality of life,” she reflects.

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– Words by Bonnie Bayley