These are a few of my favourite things: Angela


Angela has lived at St Basil’s Miranda for two years, and shares with us her favourite things to do.

“I enjoy participating in the Whiteboard Games in the morning.

“Playing word games with other residents challenges me to think and use my brain.”

“I also like working together with others and completing the word games,” explains Angela.

St Basil’s Lifestyle Officers facilitate a Whiteboard Games session each morning to start the day off with a brain stimulating activity and some teamwork amongst residents.


There are also other regular activities that Angela enjoys.

“I have always loved to go shopping and have coffee with my friends and family.”

“I am happy that we are supported with weekly shopping outings and have Coffee Club regularly so I can continue to have freshly made cappuccinos or Greek coffee.”


Angela’s other interests are nurtured as well.

“I am interested in the Royal Family and describe myself as a Royalist.

“I love the Royal Family and have always enjoyed watching films and shows and reading about this topic, and keeping up with their lives.”

“Recently, the Leisure and Lifestyle Team supported me to start watching a series called The Crown which is about the Royal Family.”

“I have enjoyed watching this as I am also joined by a friend who is a fellow resident, and it is a great way for us to get together to watch something that is of interest to us both,” adds Angela.


St Basil’s Miranda provides a Leisure and Lifestyle Program that gives residents several choices of activities in which to participate each day, as well as nurturing residents’ interests and passions.


(March 2023)