Use it or lose it!

7 May, 2019

One of the key facts that people agree on is that as we age, if we do not have physical activity in our life, we will lose the little mobility we have even faster.

For an older person, physical activity can improve mobility by loosening up joints and strengthening muscles and bones. With stronger muscles, our balance will improve and with improved balance, our physical confidence will grow. This will then lead to improved mental health as we will release the good “happiness” chemicals in our brain. Furthermore, considering physical activity is most often done with others, our social relationships will improve. Science has shown that those people who have more social relationships, live longer.

At St. Basil’s we know that human movement is one of the critical elements to improving the lives of our consumers. For this reason, we organise exercise sessions every day, we have gymnasiums with experienced physiotherapists, we encourage walking groups and excursions daily to parks, beaches and cafes.

Not a week goes by when we are not found dancing and singing!

As you can see, movement is not just about pumping weights or using a treadmill. It is simply using your body to connect with the world around you and improving your health in the process.