St Basil’s to use medication management system – BESTmed

23 Mar, 2023

Dear Resident and Family,

As part of our continuous quality improvement program St Basil’s Kensington will be implementing a new medication management system – BESTmed. This exciting new system will commence in the coming weeks and months.

The BESTmed System was developed after extensive consultation with key stakeholders including Aged Care Consultants, Doctors, Registered Nurses, Care Staff and Pharmacy Staff. The system was designed after reviewing many other medication systems and receiving feedback about existing systems and suggestions for improvement.

The system offers many benefits including:

  • Electronic Charting (BESTdoctor)
  • Electronic Administration & Ordering (BESTdose)
  • Simplicity
  • Minimal Manual Handling of Medication
  • Time Saving for Nursing Staff
  • Time Saving for Doctors
  • Flexibility
  • A System That is User Friendly

The BESTmed System offers a complete Medication Management System for Residential Care Facilities offering consistency and peace of mind. There will be no cost to residents and their families for this new system, standard prescription costs will apply.


If you have any questions regarding this new system, please do not hesitate to contact your friendly facility team.


Warm Regards,

St Basil’s Management