St Basil’s Annandale successfully and safely rehoused 47 residents and redeployed 52 staff

19 Sep, 2022

On Friday afternoon 16th September, the doors of St Basil’s Annandale closed permanently and the last of its residents moved to their new home at St Basil’s Kensington.

Over the last ten weeks the decommission project team led by the Director of Care and Community Services Angela Sacks, and the Annandale management team Meredith Donoghue and Maryanne Mikaele, who supported each of the 47 St Basil’s Annandale residents to find and move to a suitable new home.  

Spiro Stavis, CEO of St Basil’s NSW/ACT explains that to successfully and safely rehouse 47 residents within 10 weeks was not an easy task, and staff have given the residents a heartfelt goodbye.

“The dedication and teamwork shown by the entire team at Annandale supported by head office’s various department representatives is an achievement to be applauded. They worked closely with residents, representatives and health providers to give residents the best transition possible,” said Mr Stavis.

“I would personally like to thank all of the residents and representatives who we have been consulting throughout this process for their support and cooperation.”

At St Basil’s we pride ourselves on our unique model of care, culture and values which is why it was important to have our staff redeployed to continue their tenure at another St Basil’s location.

“Many of the home’s workforce, approximately 52 staff, were offered placements and were redeployed to St Basil’s at Randwick, Lakemba, Kensington and Miranda.”

Our former Annandale team have been supporting residents to settle in to their new homes by visiting them for a catch up in recent weeks.