Mayor of Randwick Visited St.Basil’s

20 Mar, 2018

On Monday, 19 March, the mayor of Randwick, Lindsay Shurey, Visited St. Basils latest aged care development at Randwick.

Father Nicholas Stavropoulos, Chief executive officer of St. Basils, and Shane Booth, general manager of St. Basils Randwick, escorted the mayor on a tour of the facility.

Joined by Father Milton, one of the residents, the mayor was impressed with the grove of fig trees, the pool, The roof garden and especially the when dedicated to care of people living with dementia.

Further Milton presented the mayor with one of his paintings, completed during the art therapy sessions conducted as part of the activities at St. Basil’s.

Mayor Shurey enjoyed refreshments in the expansive modern dining and lounge area, while discussing her aspirations for the Randwick local government area and possible cooperation with St. Basil’s and the local community.