Lakemba catering preparation achieves highest rating by NSW Government Food Authority

31 Mar, 2023

As part of an annual audit process, this month the NSW Government Food Authority visited St Basil’s Lakemba to audit our food and catering program.

Our resident catering team at Lakemba led by Chef Krisneel (pictured) achieved the highest audit rating being an ‘A’.


During the audit the audit officer checked that:

-there is a food safety program

-all food handling operations have been analysed to identify any critical food safety hazards and procedures put in place to control those hazards

-there are descriptions of all products handled by the business

-there are work instructions and procedures

-there are monitoring forms and they are up-to-date

-the business has designated supervisors and workers responsible for specific jobs

-there is a good manufacturing process which includes hygiene, chemical storage, pest control, training, product recall, internal review and customer complaint handling procedures

-the food business is complying with their food safety program and any relevant legislative requirements

-food handlers have satisfactorily completed the required training to ensure safe food production and to promote a safe food culture within the business


The team at Lakemba are always looking at ways to make improvements to resident meals and their dining experience.

Every month Chef Krisneel and General Manager Celina Chen host a Food Forum for residents and their families to taste food and provide feedback on the meals and the dining experience.

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