Aged Care Employee Day; Thanks for caring

7 Aug, 2022

A special message to St Basil’s NSW/ACT Employees on Aged Care Employee Day

Dear St Basil’s Staff,

Today on Aged Care Employee Day on behalf of the St Basil’s NSW/ACT Board of Directors we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the tireless work you have done since the COVID pandemic began and continue to do.


We imagine that the last two years have involved some of the most trying times in your career. It has undoubtedly been an unprecedented time for the Aged Care industry, and for the broader community.


The COVID Pandemic has been instrumental in giving us unique experiences both good and bad, and with the bad have come many challenges which you have faced head-on.


Although it may not feel like it, there have been many accomplishments along the way. We have seen them first-hand when St Basil’s staff banded together to support each other, residents and their families in managing COVID outbreaks; in particular getting through the outbreaks in the last six to twelve months are a testament to the care and resilience shown by all.


Again, we and the Board of Directors would like to share our gratitude for the ongoing dedication, compassion and expertise that you provide to the consumers whom you support every day. To show our appreciation we will be visiting each of the homes and offices soon to say thank you.


Yours sincerely,

James Jordan, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Spiro Stavis, Chief Executive Officer