Following on from Aged Care Employee Day celebrations, today, James Jordan St Basil’s NSW/ACT Chairman of the Board of Directors visited St Basil’s aged care home and it’s Community Services offices in Lakemba to personally thank staff for their ongoing dedication and hard work in recent months and throughout the COVID pandemic.

Along with the Lakemba management team, Mr Jordan presented several staff members with awards such as Employee of the Month as part of the St Basil’s Employee Awards Program.

Other special awards were also presented to staff who have demonstrated exceptional service to residents and a commitment to teamwork over the last month.

This is the first of several visits in a tour by the Board of Directors to personally thank all staff and share their appreciation with staff.

A special message to St Basil’s NSW/ACT Employees on Aged Care Employee Day

Dear St Basil’s Staff,

Today on Aged Care Employee Day on behalf of the St Basil’s NSW/ACT Board of Directors we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the tireless work you have done since the COVID pandemic began and continue to do.


We imagine that the last two years have involved some of the most trying times in your career. It has undoubtedly been an unprecedented time for the Aged Care industry, and for the broader community.


The COVID Pandemic has been instrumental in giving us unique experiences both good and bad, and with the bad have come many challenges which you have faced head-on.


Although it may not feel like it, there have been many accomplishments along the way. We have seen them first-hand when St Basil’s staff banded together to support each other, residents and their families in managing COVID outbreaks; in particular getting through the outbreaks in the last six to twelve months are a testament to the care and resilience shown by all.


Again, we and the Board of Directors would like to share our gratitude for the ongoing dedication, compassion and expertise that you provide to the consumers whom you support every day. To show our appreciation we will be visiting each of the homes and offices soon to say thank you.


Yours sincerely,

James Jordan, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Spiro Stavis, Chief Executive Officer

St Basil’s NSW/ACT has announced the permanent appointment of Spiro Stavis as their Chief Executive Officer (CEO), aiming to continue the vital role of leading the organisation to deliver quality aged care services.

Mr James Jordan, Chairman of Board of Directors at St Basil’s NSW/ACT said “in the last 18 months as interim CEO Spiro was instrumental in driving the development of St Basils’ five-year pathway as outlined in the organisation’s strategic plan with a person-centred approach and the ageing community at the heart of it.”

“Spiro has since led a restructure of the organisation to enable a better level of care and support of our residents and consumers, and most recently has introduced new initiatives to St Basil’s such as Emotional Wellbeing for Older People program, obtained grant funding for new HR and Governance systems to support the operational aspects of our services, and invested in improved infection control measures and planning for the ultimate health and safety of residents.”

“The aged care industry is continuously changing and with Spiro’s deep understanding of consumer needs and our charitable purpose I am confident that he will continue to drive the St Basil’s team on its current trajectory to fulfil its mission of delivering quality services to support individual needs of ageing Australians including Greek Australians,” adds Mr Jordan.

St Basils’ Executive Management Team as well as the broader staff-base provide best-practice care every day with the purpose of supporting ageing Australians in our care to live a life of spirituality, meaning, and joy.

Spiro Stavis has worked for St Basil’s for six years, and in the last 18 months as the interim CEO. He can be contacted by email at

To learn more about St Basil’s NSW/ACT visit or to request information email or call 02 9784 3200.

St Basil’s has introduced the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s Partnerships in Care program for resident representatives.

Joining a Partnerships in Care program will help representatives to continue to provide care and companionship to the person they already support in residential aged care, even during periods of outbreak. This includes increasing their skills in infection prevention and control and formalising their care arrangements with the aged care home.

Learn more about the Partnerships in Care program now, and if you are interested in being a partner in care for your loved one, please reach out to the Home’s General Manager or Care Manager.



Up to 40% of dementia can be prevented by addressing health and lifestyle factors that include increasing physical activity, and maintaining a healthy diet and social connectedness.

An initiatives by National Ageing Research Institute, Moving Pictures – Dementia awareness for CALD communities involves the design of videos to raise awareness of what factors can reduce the risk of developing dementia.

These culturally and linguistically diverse communities nine short animations about dementia prevention are based on the most current evidence available. The animations are available in Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Tamil, Greek, Vietnamese, Spanish, & Italian. You can view them below.













Find helpful information and resources by Dementia Australia.





St Basil’s NSW/ACT has made the difficult decision to permanently close its aged care home in Annandale.

Mr James Jordan, Chairman of St Basil’s NSW/ACT said, “Our aim, vision and mission is to always provide quality care for our residents and staff in a safe living environment.”

“The building was built in the 1970s and is no longer fit for purpose. Our priority now is to ensure the wellbeing and care of our residents is maintained to the highest possible standard while we look at opportunities to rehouse them within our other facilities or other local aged care providers.”

“Our team will be working closely with the residents and their families including relevant authorities to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible for them,” adds Mr Jordan.

“I take this opportunity to thank our wonderful staff, residents and their loved ones for their ongoing support.”

To learn more about St Basil’s NSW/ACT visit or to request information email or call 02 9784 3200.

This special International Nurses Day is the perfect occasion to honour our Nurses for their significant and tireless work, often unappreciated and unrewarded.
Together with our Care staff, our Nurses are the heart and soul of our homes. These Heroes, who have worked tirelessly especially over the past two years, have kept our community of residents not only safe and well, but also thriving to maintain and enjoy great quality-of-life.
At St Basil’s we stand with our dedicated Nurses in support of a strong future that is recognised and acknowledged for the vital role they play in our society.
Please join me in wishing all registered nurses, enrolled nurses, and nurse practitioners a Happy International Nurses Day!
Spiro Stavis, Chief Executive Officer

Spiro Stavis, CEO of St Basil’s NSW/ACT, welcomes Angela Sacks to the team as the new Director of Care and Community for St Basil’s.


“Angela brings a strong skillset, cultural alignment and extensive clinical, operational and management experience to St Basil’s. She’s an extremely dedicated senior level health-care professional who worked in the United Kingdom’s NHS for 28 years,” says Mr Stavis.


“She has joined the team to lead all elements of our St Basils’ Residential homes and Community Services, and I am confident that she will have a significant impact on the team and the care we provide to consumers.”


Underpinned by her ability to combine her clinical expertise and business acumen to align clinical outcomes with corporate objectives, Angela is backed by a Diploma in Management, Business Administration.


“Angela is known to be a creative problem-solver and leader who is adept at promoting a cohesive team environment which supports the approach we have an strive to improve every day at St Basil’s.”


St Basil’s exists to care for ageing Australians, including Greek Australians, in need helping them to live a life of spirituality, meaning, and joy.


Learn more about the St Basil’s Executive Team or St Basil’s Residential Aged Care Services now

It’s with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Zeina Ormond as the General Manager of our Kensington home.

Spiro Stavis, CEO of St Basil’s NSW/ACT says “Zeina brings to St Basil’s her extensive experience in the aged care industry that spans 28 years with a background as a Registered Nurse. She has worked as a Director of Nursing for more than 22 years including 6 years’ experience as a facility General Manager.”

Zeina’s qualifications include a Diploma of Health Sciences specialising in Nursing.


“She is looking forward to having a positive impact on our quality of care, empowering the team around her, and establishing an open culture with families.”

“We welcome Zeina to St Basil’s and I hope Residents and their Representatives join me in welcoming her to our Kensington home.”

“Zeina has she has begun contacting Resident Representatives to introduce herself, and will also host a Resident Representatives meeting very soon.”

“I would like to thank Jelia Lucero for her tireless work as Acting General Manager, now our home’s Care Manager, in particular for her work in supporting our residents through the recent COVID outbreak.”

For more information contact St Basil’s on 02 9784 3200.

The official launch, held on Sunday night to coincide with the Greek Revolution commemorative events was a great opportunity for prominent guests to come together and explore the Athens War Museum’s rare exhibits and traditional costumes from the collection ‘Heroes Made of Metal’ by the internationally renowned sculptor Nikos Floros.

The event was overseen by the Chairman of St Basil’s Homes NSW/ACT James Jordan.

1821 Greek Art Exhibition officially launched at Sydney Town Hall 2
1821 Greek Art Exhibition officially launched at Sydney Town Hall 31

Archbishop Makarios of Australia and a number of distinguished guests including Press Counsellor Costas Yiannakodimos representing the Consul General of Greece in Sydney Christos Karras, and lightweight boxing champion George Kambosos and his father Jim Kambosos.

Press Counsellor Mr Yiannakodimos conveyed a message from the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis who praised Greeks in Australia for “being the living piece of the Greek nation despite the challenges that have occurred during the years.”

1821 Greek Art Exhibition officially launched at Sydney Town Hall 3
1821 Greek Art Exhibition officially launched at Sydney Town Hall 32

The Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore, Secretary-General for Greeks abroad Ioannis Chrysoulakis, NSW Minister for Multiculturalism and Seniors Mark Coure sent messages of congratulations via video.

An extra special message was from the sculptor Nikos Floros also addressed the attendees via video messages from the Tripolis Museum.

1821 Greek Art Exhibition officially launched at Sydney Town Hall 4
Nikos Floros also addressed the attendees via video messages from the Tripolis Museum.

Mr Peter Poulos gave a passionate speech about history, his heritage and the contribution of Greek migrants to the state’s multicultural fabric and exhibition curator Captain Nicolaos Roussos.

1821 Greek Art Exhibition

As part of the celebrations of 200 years of Greek Independence, St. Basil’s NSW/ACT will be hosting an ‘1821 Greek Art Exhibition’ at Sydney Town Hall, featuring authentic and rare exhibits from the Greek War Museum and traditional Greek costumes from the collection ‘Heroes Made of Metal’ by the internationally renowned sculptor Nikos Floros.

Established in 1975, the Athens War Museum houses a large range of exhibits relating to Greece’s military history.

The ‘1821 Greek Art Exhibition’ will also feature traditional Greek costumes that form part of Nikos Floros’ ‘Heroes Made of Metal’ collection.

The costumes have been created with mosaics that meticulously transform “humble” materials into rustling satin fabrics, glittering with brilliant diamond-cut tiles.

Exhibition dates: March 13 to April 3, 2022

Open 7 days, 9:30am – 4:30pm

Venue: Sydney Town Hall, 483 George St, Sydney NSW 2000.

Admission is free.