St Basil’s Aged Care NSW/ACT has worked together with staff to protect the older Australians in our care.  Part of this protection has been ensuring and enabling our staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Keeping our residents and those who care for them safe in the global pandemic is a top priority,” said Spiro Stavis, CEO of St Basil’s Aged Care NSW/ACT.

“We’re proud that our staff have had a COVID-19 vaccine prior to the introduction of mandatory vaccination that’s in place now.”

“We are proud to protect ourselves, our workforce, our residents/care recipients and the broader community by ensuring all staff and residents have had access to vaccines.

“Our passionate staff continue to provide a helping hand, as we work to protect each other and those in our care.”

All staff working in St Basils’ homes as well as providing in-home care who can have the vaccine are vaccinated.

“All of our staff working and 90% of our residents are vaccinated for COVID-19.”

“Our homes and community workers are celebrating vaccination success, as a way of encouraging others to get vaccinated and to improve protection of staff and residents.”

“We have also worked with our management team to support their discussions with staff, answering their questions and discussing issues related to the mandating of vaccination,” adds Mr Stavis.

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St. Basil’s Aged Care NSW/ACT has been named as a State finalist in two (2) categories of the 2021 ACSA Aged Care Awards program; Provider of the Year and Employee of the Year.

“We are extremely proud to receive two state finalist nominations recognising the important work we do for the ageing community,” says Spiro Stavis, CEO of St. Basil’s NSW/ACT.

“To be acknowledged for our contribution to the Australian aged care industry by the leading peak body is an honour.”

St. Basil’s is awarded as a state/territory finalist in the categories of:

1. Employee of the Year; La Stacey Baramy as General Manager of St Basil’s Miranda Home (currently St Basil’s Director of Care and Community)

2.Aged Care Provider of the Year; St Basil’s Aged Care NSW/ACT Community Services

Winners will be announced at the 2021 ACSA Aged Care online awards ceremony at 12:30pm on 26th October. State and Territory winners will become national finalists with national winners to be announced in December 2021. You can show your support by registering your attendance at this free online event at

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St Basil’s NSW/ACT Director of Care and Community is responsible for the services delivered at six aged care homes across Sydney, independent living units as well as the services delivered to across NSW and the ACT that involve in-home care and day centres.

“I am so excited to announce the appointment of La Stacey Baramy as our new Director of Care and Community for St Basil’s NSW/ACT,” says Spiro Stavis, CEO.

“La Stacey brings over 22 years’ experience across the aged care and hospital industries to her new role.”

“Over the last seven years La Stacey has played a leading role for St Basil’s as Facility General Manager at Miranda that encompasses a facility supporting 101 nursing home residents and 20 occupants of independent living units.”

“In that role La Stacey led a tenure with a successful history including consistently achieving Accreditation standards, a high average occupancy rate at the home, and low rates of staff turnover. Her extensive background in clinical care means that she reinforces a high standard in care within her team for the wellbeing of her residents,” adds Spiro.

Prior to working in the aged care environment La Stacey achieved a career spanning over 12 years in acute clinical hospital settings in management, research and nurse consultant roles, and at South West Private Hospital including Director of Nursing and Quality and Risk Manager. With a Master of Nursing and Master of Business Administration, her other career achievements also include having health research projects published in the Journal of the Royal College of Nursing Australia.

“Many of you already know La Stacey, so you know that she will continue to work closely and collaboratively with the St Basil’s staff, residents and their representatives with continued dedication, compassion and skill to make improvements in our delivery of care where needed.”

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With the global pandemic raising continuous challenges St Basil’s NSW/ACT looks for ways to support its residents and staff in ways that go above and beyond government requirements.


Spiro Stavis, CEO of St Basil’s says “In recent weeks, as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure our residents and staff are safe, we engaged 4Cyte Pathology to administer dedicated COVID-19 testing clinics for St Basil’s staff.”


“We want to avoid our staff spending time in long busy queues so we have provided two dedicated testing clinic locations, where our staff can be surveillance tested every three days, in accordance with the directive from the NSW Government.”


“This is already a difficult time for everyone, we want to ease the burden on our staff and hopefully this will assist them.”


“We have engaged 4Cyte Pathology to manage these clinics, saving valuable time for our staff and easing the burden on the public testing facilities in the area.” adds Stavis.


St Basil’s continues to maintain stringent protocols in relation to infection control and resident and staff safety.


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The St. Basil’s Homes Men’s Group initiative has become the perfect outlet for male residents of the Miranda Aged Care Home who have now formed a socially connected network of very committed men.

Spiro Stavis, CEO of St. Basil’s Homes NSW/ACT says “On average, one in eight men will experience depression and one in five men will experience anxiety at some stage of their lives1.”

“At St. Basil’s Miranda, our male residents expressed a need to socialise with other men. Our lifestyle team set out to find new ways to encourage male to male contact between residents in a meaningful way. That’s how this monthly male-only social initiative arose.”

“By providing our male residents with a regular outlet to connect with others in a social setting we are in fact encouraging good mental health habits for our residents,” adds Stavis.

Ryan Szeto, St. Basil’s Accredited Physiotherapist and Men’s Group advocate explains that the staff at St. Basil’s know how to create a great environment to allow the men to open up sometimes reliving old memories, joking around with one another and creating new memorable moments.

“Our male residents often shy away from some of our other activities however they are quick to agree to attend the Men’s Group!”

“It’s a great opportunity for the men to get together each month and not have the expectation to engage in anything too strenuous, just chatting and enjoying the food and company.”

“Being a man myself, it was easier to gather some interest to participate in a men’s breakfast, and with the expertise of our lifestyle team, we were able to enjoy the company of a few men and discuss things like their work experiences and the struggles they faced in their lives.

“At our monthly men’s gatherings, we sometimes let the conversations flow and grow naturally, and at other times we discuss matters such as work, funny experiences with food, shocking stories from their youth and any other hot topics of the day.”

“During one session, the men discussed their experiences fishing and going out to sea on their boats, and one gentleman shared a story about how he found a rat’s tail in his sausage roll!” explains Szeto.

The small group of a few men quickly turned into our ’12 Happy Men’. These men are regular attendees, are fully engaged and look forward to the monthly gathering – they wouldn’t miss it for anything.

The Men’s Groups initiative will soon form part of the lifestyle and wellness program at St Basil’s other facilities across Sydney starting with St. Basil’s Randwick Home.

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International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world on the 12th of May every year because it’s the anniversary of the birthday of one of history’s famous nurses, Florence Nightingale.

So today, my colleagues and I take this opportunity to celebrate and recognise the work that our nursing staff do every day, and the incredibly important role that they play in our Homes. They are special team members who go over and above to care for our consumers, and we thank them for it.

Recent times have definitely highlighted the important role nurses and care workers play in keeping our consumers healthy.

On behalf of St Basil’s Homes NSW/ACT I’d like to express our appreciation for our nurses’ compassion, optimism and kindness, and reaffirm that their daily actions do not go unnoticed.

To our nurses – thank you, thank you, thank you!

Spiro Stavis,


Dear consumers, families and friends,

In an effort to prevent, control and minimise influenza infection, Aged Care providers have been advised by NSW Health that all visitors and staff are required to provide documented evidence that they have received the 2021 influenza vaccine to enter a residential aged care facility. This is effective as of Tuesday 1st June.

St. Basil’s Homes NSW/ACT will be requesting evidence of the flu vaccine at the time or prior to visitors entering our facilities.

Visitors are permitted to enter a facility if their influenza vaccine is delayed due to receiving COVID-19 vaccinations provided additional precautions are applied. In addition, the attached Influenza Vaccine Medical Contraindication Formwill need to be completed by a medical officer and presented on entry to the facility (or beforehand if practicable). In exceptional or special circumstances, it may be possible to enter the facility where the visitor is providing essential care, or for compassionate reasons.

For support in obtaining your immunisation history statement as evidence of vaccinations, visit Service Australia’s fact sheet on their website. I thank you for your cooperation in keeping our workplace and consumers safe and healthy through the winter season ahead.

You can find more information about the influenza vaccine, including in other languages, at Australian Department of Health’s website –

Yours sincerely,

Spiro Stavis
Chief Executive Officer

The role of a physiotherapist in an aged care home is critical to residents maintaining a good quality of life. By improving movement in their joints and building muscle tone they will be helping to keep their physical independence.

Ryan Szeto, the lead Physiotherapist at our Miranda home, explains how the physiotherapists at St. Basil’s work together with residents to support social interaction – an important part of good physical and mental health.

“Physiotherapists have the privilege of understanding a person’s needs and desires and can offer their expertise to maintain their health so that a person can continue to do the things they enjoy,” says Ryan Szeto.

“This may be as simple as maintaining their ability to walk, transfer into a car to visit family, engaging in gardening with the lifestyle team or providing opportunities to enjoy social events such as our walking groups or day trips.”

The St. Basil’s physiotherapy team work very closely with the care staff to ensure that they attend to individual residents’ needs and wants.

“We prepare residents for a range of differing activities at certain times of the day so they can be ready to participate and enjoy themselves. We often incorporate social elements in our physical activities such as team work based exercise games, and also pair these activities with social events like our coffee club,” explains Ryan.

“Keeping residents educated and generating interesting discussions about their physical health such as bone health and heart health is also an important part of our lifestyle program.”

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About Ryan Szeto and the St. Basil’s Homes physiotherapy team:

Ryan Szeto is one of the many qualified physiotherapists at St. Basil’s Homes NSW/ACT.

His passion is to care for and improve people’s health literacy so they can have a better quality of life, especially those who have reached retirement age.

He loves the personal aspect of working at St. Basil’s Homes and being able to bring joy and instil confidence to those he cares for through his expertise.

On a daily basis, the St. Basil’s Homes’ physiotherapy team motivate and educate residents to have a better quality of life, and work alongside residents to ensure they are happy and healthy.

On a weekly basis you will find the physiotherapists hosting group exercise classes, events related to physical activities, teaching individual exercises, and providing pain management and education.

Dear residents and families,

During the Holiest week on the Orthodox religious calendar, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish the St. Basil’s Homes NSW/ACT community who are celebrating Orthodox Easter, Καλή Ανάσταση!

This Easter I feel blessed to have the chapels at our Homes open again, and with almost no COVID-19 restrictions in place at present, this allows for gatherings and outings with family and friends which I personally cherish and encourage.

During Holy Week at St. Basil’s, the consumers and staff of our Randwick, Kensington, Kogarah, Miranda, Annandale and Lakemba Homes, and our Day Centres are involved in traditional Orthodox Easter activities such as the preparation of Easter Epitaph on Friday morning, and attending an Epitaph procession to remember and mourn the death of Jesus on Friday afternoon.

Together we also dye hundreds of eggs red, bake traditional Greek Easter biscuits (κουλούρια), and decorate candles ready for the traditional lighting of the Holy Light at Church.

The values of our Orthodox faith continue to flow through our Homes in particular during times such as this that emphasise our commitment to the strength of the human spirit.

I wish our Orthodox Christian community a safe, peaceful and blessed Easter.

Yours faithfully,

Spiro Stavis

On Sunday 25th April, following Palm Sunday liturgy, members of the community gathered for a Luncheon at Cyren Bar Grill Seafood Darling Harbour, proudly hosted by St. Basil’s Homes NSW/ACT.

“More than 400 family and friends of St. Basil’s attended the Luncheon to celebrate Palm Sunday, the beginning of the Holy Week that will culminate with Orthodox Easter on Sunday 2nd May,” said Spiro Stavis, CEO of St. Basil’s Homes NSW/ACT.

Joining the Directors of St. Basil’s Homes NSW/ACT were their distinguished guests His Eminence Archbishop Makarios, The Consul General Mr Christos Karras and the Trade Commissioner Mrs Katia Gkikiza.

“We were fortunate to have His Eminence Archbishop Makarios provide the blessing of our meal to begin proceedings at our Luncheon, with Palm Sunday being a special day for the Greek Orthodox faithful who traditionally enjoy eating seafood on this day.”

“Holy Week is the most important time of the Orthodox calendar and the catalyst that reminds us to cherish what we have and the people around us.”

“At St. Basil’s it’s important to us that we keep our cultural connection alive for our residents and community. We do that by having our values reflected across our homes through our Model of Care and daily lifestyle program.”

“We are always looking at ways to grow our values and the wonderful people that make St. Basil’s a special home which is what we’ll be doing through our newly developed Strategic Plan to be released next month,” adds Stavis.

We wish all of our Orthodox community a wonderful Holy Week, and thank all of our family and friends who attended to enjoy a traditional Palm Sunday meal together in support of our event.

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