International Women’s Day 2022

8 Μαρ, 2022

This International Women’s Day we are celebrating our workmates and residents who identify as women for their strength, confidence and empathy!

Today, Michelle Wicky, our General Manager of Learning and Development shares a thought on how we can own the bias’ and we can break the bias’ that resonate around us.

“International Women’s Day for me is about standing with all people who identify as women to celebrate the struggles we’ve overcome, and to band together to get where we deserve to be. In an industry that is primarily filled by women we need to own that we perpetuate much of the bias that we are forced to fight. When we think about family commitments; possible fertility; emotional baggage instead of skill, aptitude, capability, passion, we are feeding the problem we should be trying to starve.”

At our Annandale Home today these workmates (pictured) are determined to stand together on International Women’s Day and every day to #breakthebias.