The inaugural annual St Basil’s Awards Program aims to recognise and celebrate excellence in our people.

St Basil’s employees are encouraged to nominate their exceptional workmates for an award.

Our consumers will also take part by nominating an employee in the Consumer Choice Employee of the Year award.

The program spans 3 categories with 11 different awards and aims to celebrate excellence in our people and the life-changing work being done at St Basil’s!

Nominations are open until 5pm on Sunday 21st November 2021. Winners will receive a certificate, a trophy and prizes.


Consumer Choice Employee of the Year

Our consumers have the chance to nominate a St Basil’s staff member as their employee of the year!

Each of our residential homes and our community services staff will have finalists and recipients. Consumers and/or their representatives can nominate here now.
Nominations by consumers or their representatives can be made here


Employee of the Year

Throughout the year, our residential and community services staff are in the running to be the Employee of the Month, so all of these monthly recipients will now be in the running to be our Employee of the Year.

This category is not open to everyone for nominations however one Employee of the Month from each of our services will be a finalist for the Employee of the Year award. Stay tuned for the list of finalists!

New Employee of the Year

The New Employee of the Year finalists will be nominated by St Basil’s Management. Each of the General Managers from our residential and community services will nominate one employee who has worked at St Basil’s for between 6 months and 2 years. These nominees will be finalists in the New Employee of the Year Award.



St Basil’s prides itself on the people who deliver quality services to those in its care. To achieve this its people need to uphold and demonstrate the values of St Basil’s: Dedicated, Integrity, Respectful, Responsible and Contribution.

We want you to help us identify, recognise and celebrate our people who most demonstrate these values by nominating them.

Nominate someone who acts selflessly and relentlessly in service of others.
Nominate now


Nominate someone who is honest and builds trust in every interaction.
Nominate now


Nominate someone who sees everyone as family and treats them with respect and dignity.
Nominate now


Nominate someone who shows accountability to others and to all our stakeholders.
Nominate now


Nominate someone who thrives when working together as a family and community.
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Inspirational Leadership Award 

The Inspirational Leadership Award aims to identify, recognise and celebrate a St Basil’s staff member who is an inspiring people leader.  Nominate now

Innovative Employee of the Year

The Innovative Employee of the Year is someone who has demonstrated innovation through new ideas, making improvements or transformations in their tasks or projects resulting in a positive outcome.
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Volunteer of the Year

At St Basil’s we have many wonderful volunteers who are dedicated to helping our consumers. Our Volunteer of the Year is someone who always upholds and demonstrates our values: Dedicated, integrity, respectful, responsible, integrity, contribution. Volunteers will be nominated by our services General Managers.



Please join us in celebrating each other and the amazing work being done at St Basil’s every day!

More information:

All nominations will close at 5pm on Sunday 21st November 2021.

Award winners and recipients will be announced at the 2021 Christmas Party on Friday 3rd December.


Terms and conditions: Nominations should be relevant to the last 12 months (December 2020 to November 2021). Self-nominations cannot be accepted. Photos and names of winners and recipients agree to be included in St Basil’s internal and external promotions if required.