St Basil's Historical Snapshot


The charity was originally founded as the Aged, Sick and Infirm Appeal by Sister Mary Dorothea Flynn.


On May 14, 1969, Sister Dorothea handed the administration of the charity over to the Greek Orthodox Church of Australia, although this was later disputed in court.


On April 13, 1972, the charity was officially named St Basil’s Homes, paying homage to St Basil, who was born in Asia Minor around 329 AD and built a facility known as Vasileias to care for the sick and poor.


Opening of the Aegean Apartments in Dulwich Hill, providing Retirement Living Apartments for older people.


Lourantos Village residential aged care official opening on May 29, 1976.


Completion of Sister Dorothea Village residential aged care in Annandale.


Completion of St Basil’s Greek Nursing Home in Croydon Street, Lakemba.


Commencement of Lakemba Day Centre.


Commencement of St Basil’s Community Programs, which provide support for people to live independently at home.


Commissioning of the extension to St Basil’s Nursing Home in Lakemba to also include ‘The Grove’ specialist dementia unit.


Consecration and setting of the foundation stone for Hellenic Village in Miranda on February 25, 2005.


Commencement of Miranda Day Centre operating on Saturday to support people with dementia and their carers.

2010 and 2011

St Basil’s successfully applies to participate in the Australian Government Consumer Directed Care (CDC) Initiative with 14 CDC packages. CDC offers clients choice and control in their package of services.


St Basil’s receives a Home and Community Care (HACC) Capital Grant to upgrade Lakemba Day Centre. The refurbishments were completed in 2012. A site is purchased in St Pauls Street, Randwick, with plans to construct ‘The Grove’ comprising residential aged care, Retirement Living Apartments and community services. In the same year, St Basil’s was successful in the competitive Aged Care Approvals Round (ACAR), the major aged care funding round in Australia, and was granted 112 bed licences for Randwick.


Purchase of a site in Bexley with plans to develop aged care services. St Basil’s was successful in the 2012-13 ACAR, receiving 117 bed licences for this development.


Commencement of plans to transfer St Nicholas Aged Care Facility’s 20 bed licences in Canberra to St Basil’s, thereby extending the scope of St Basil’s NSW to also cover the ACT.


Flagship Development due to open mid 2016.